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Ok being my car is a 5 speed car it makes it more appealing to run a slick vs a drag radial being the fact from a slick having the wrinkle wall side walls will absorb more of the launch shock from a 5 speed car to help with traction vs a automatic car preloading hince less of a shock and the mt drag radials seem to work very well. Ive pulled a 1.7 on the MT et radials but looking to drop down in the 1.6 range to help with the ET. I have pulled a 1.7 launching around 5,000 rpm on the radials with feathering the clutch or ill just bog or spin the hell out of the radials. With this said.

Does anyone run a 15" drag wheel with the z32? Also did you have to use spacers to clear the brakes? What size slick are you running? I assume 26x10x15

Any help in this matter would be a BIG help.


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