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so 1990 300zx NA....bought from old guy who didnt drive it for 2 years....cost was $ i bought i have prioblems. The car is running with hesitations and jolting back and forth...I changed both CATS since they were clogged, new alternator, new fuel filter and just today i got the fluids flushed...and still it hesitates and slowly just feels like their is not enough fuel going to the engine.....i'm still saving up for the 120k service that i need to do but until then i should atleast be able to drive it, but i cant...I ran out of things i need to do to make it work right....anybody out there know whats going on??? please help!!!!
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Check for codes? How about 02 sensors since you mentioned the cats? Look for the online Factory Service Manual here on this site (FSM) Good Luck, Z
- The MAF may be bad.
- The fuel injectors may be dirty and need to be cleaned.
damn i completely forgot about all of that....thanx guys i'll try to keep updating about it
just run down every possible problem. fuel pump/ relays, clogged line (doubtful), you already changed filter, .. next is the fuel pressure regulator (small diaphram valve), and then the fuel injectors. sides that the air side of the mixture.. air filter could be clogged, MAF might not be opening when you give it gas (but if it opens too much then the engine would over-REV), maybe a vaccuum line.. causing a component attached to work improperly.
Do the obvious and easiest first.

1) Spark plugs.
2) Fuel dampner
3) Fuel regulator
yeah, the basics first, but after that... even if it runs good... go over everything, and then it'll run great.
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