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I am renting a 2018 Sentra for a month or so. It has BT. I connected my iPhone XR to it yesterday, when I first picked it up. Today the phone was unpaired, and I had to repair it. That turned out to be a lengthy and difficult process, requiring multiple attempts and forgetting the device at one point. Now it is paired, for how long is unknown. Is this a "feature" of the Sentra infotainment system or my XR? I have no problems staying paired with my other cars and devices.

After the phone is paired, I hit the off hook button to make a call (hands free in my area is mandatory). The car infotainment responds that Siri isn't on my device. Of course it is. After multiple attempts to make the call, suddenly I could make the call. Again, is this a "feature"?

When I hit the "source" button and cycle thru to BT audio, music starts playing, from my XR when it gets to BT audio. I have to manually kill it on the XR. Again, is this a "feature"?

Maybe I'll avoid making phone calls and listen to just FM for the next month.
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