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Please post info in this format to keep the information easily readable. All non relevant posts will be deleted.
-Location (D/FW Metroplex Only)
-Contact #
-Cost Effective: Bargin, Over Priced, YMMV (Your Milage May Vary)
-Overall Experience
-Would you go back?
If you would like to add your own testimonial then please PM Jeff or DNE and the original post will be updated.

-DNE Staff

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Accent Solar - Window Tinting

Accent Solar
972-633-TINT (8468)

My buddy runs Accent Solar window tinting. He is mobile and does tint for dealers and stereo shops, etc. He only uses good quality films. I've discussed with him the DNE--he will give all wholesale pricing (what the shops pay him for work, not what they mark up and charge the customer!) I've known him for years and he has done several of my cars and everyone else's I have sent to him. He will do illegal darkness for cash (sssssshhhhhhhhh.)

His name is Alan, tell him Steve sent you. He will call me if he has any questions.

FYI: He also does stickers and banner signs!

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Courtesy Nissan - OEM Service & Parts

Courtesy Nissan
- 1777 N. Central Expressway
Richardson (Dallas) Texas, 75080
- 1(800) 527-1909 or (972) 644-3942
- If you are a DNE member, Then you can ask for the DNE discount. Example I need a Knock Sensor and O'Rileys quotes $190 online, Courtesy retails the part for $175, with DNE discount $142.
- Attitude = Professional
- Overall Experience = Great, so far as Dealerships go
- Would you go back? = Yes

civic4982 said:
I went to Courtesy Nissan once to get a filter and drainplug for my then '99 Nissan Sentra GXE. The parts department accidentally gave me the wrong filter and I didn't notice it until after I was already home, under the engine, and drained it all out. My folks had left and I was basically stranded so I couldn't go all the way out there to pick up the right one.

Courtesy's part's department came shining through. That afternoon they sent a driver of theirs to my house with not 1 but 2 filters for my application and some crushers as well as a cool Nismo t-shirt free of charge. They've got my business from now until I change to a diff. MFR. for a car.
darrick said:
a little birdie told me
"Courtesy Service dept...
... is getting a worse and worse rep. This time - sleeper aka robert had some work done to his car there. They stole his boost controller solenoid and replaced it with a female - female hose connector. They also undid and took hose clamps off his compressor and the fmic. Turns out he blew the piping apart when driving on the highway. He hit 1 bar on accident because guees what - no boost controller.
Seems the only one who has been treated courteously by these guys is Latinmax - looks to me like everyone else, including myself(JOFFIE) - gets fucked there.
Once again - I strongly vouch for Courtesy parts, but Courtesy service is one of the shittiest and shadiest around... we're still waiting on what the service dept is gonna do about the stolen parts"

All me!
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Dallas Frame & Alignment - Alignment Shop

Dallas Frame & Alignment
2514 Fabens Road, Dallas, TX 75229
(972) 241-2361
Ask for Doug (the guy behind the counter), Linda or Bobby (owners).

I get us 10% off for DNE members at

This is the place I told all of you about that did my car and even corrected camber on the back tires..after I lowered it. I think a standard alignment is $85. The cost goes up from there, depending on the work. But the discount is there for DNE members.

dono200sx said:
Just a quick testimonial. You can delete it if you like. I took a friend's 240SX up to Dallas Frame, and was very happy with my experience there. The owner even took me into the garage and explained step-by-step what he was going to do, knowing it wasn't even my car! He explained what happens when you put lowering springs on a car and how it changes the alignment and how to fixes. When it comes to alignments and such, I will only be going to them. As a side note, this is the same place that Carmax sends their cars. (inside tip from a friend). This is a 5-star company in my opinion.
LatinMax said:
Like I said before they have done every car of mine and they always track perfect.
I know alot of people said man they are a little expensive, but if it is, it is well worth it.

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Discount Tire - Tire Shop

Discount Tire
2385 S Stemmons Fwy
Lewisville, TX 75067
(972) 315-3899

10% on wheels, tires and labor...
Ask for Steve

All me!
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A Master's Touch - Body Shop

A Master's Touch
2343 Merrell Road, Dallas, TX 75229
I-35 between Royal & Walnut Hill
(972) 243-6557
Gilbert Franco is the owner

The guy that did all the work on my car. (bodykit, paint)

Tell Gilbert that I sent you or that you are a DNE member and he will take good care of you.

2k2madmax said:
This place also did some touchup work on Geoff's (2Bones) Saleen. He had some deep scratches on therear fascia and the dealer wanted $600 to repaint. Gilbert charged him 100 to airbrush it and it looks as good as new.
BlkMax2K said:
Gilbert did a great job replacing and painting the front bumper cover as well as painting some other parts of my Maxima. He does excellent work and will work with you to handle any painting or bodywork need.

All me!
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I Can get 12 volt stuff at a discount

I Can get 12 volt stuff at a discount

Audiovox (alarms)
Bel (radar detedtor)
Cerwin Vega
Optima (batteries)
Planet Audio
Streetglow (lights)
Whisler (radar detectors)
car TV starting at $100
DVD players
VCR (12 volt)
Alarm accessories
Install Accessories

Just Email me and I will get you a price. I will take care of fellow DNE members.

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C&R Muffler - Exhaust Shop

C&R Muffler
(214) 391-6196 Ask For Chris

They're located off of Lake June so it's not in a bad part of town. They got my '83 280ZX back into shape and inspected it for under $100.

If you're planning on doing a large bore custom job, call ahead, tell him what you want and he'll hook up a discount for you.

Or--get in touch with me, and I'll call. Sometimes there's cash up front, but that's the sweetness of the deal.

engine#9 said:
they lack professionalism and their work is very sloppy they have a cool turbo mustang but they are too concentrated on it and their own peronal vehicles to look at yours.

DNE's VZR Conversion
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Nicks Muffler Shop - Exhaust Shop

Nicks Muffler Shop
6340 west plano pkwy
Plano TX 75089

heard it the best muffler shop you can go to for performance exhaust.

MrEous said:
I have personally heard time and time again from Joffe that Nick's is THE only shop anyone should go to for true quality work.

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Pro Auto Works - Performance Shop

Pro Auto Works
on Renner and N. Plano rd. in Richardson
ask for Daniel


VspecSound said:
Big ups to them
Great service, very knowledgeable and professional.
They are a full-service shop, with the exception of welding but they are very performance oriented. One of the techs has a 300 WHP DSM running 20 lbs. of boost :)
BlkMax2K said:
Daniel hooked me up on replacing struts/springs. He did a great job for an awesome price! Be sure and talk to him if you need any type of service done..
Thanks for your help. This thread really helped me a lot!

Tune it
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MaxSpeed Performance
16300 Midway Rd.
Addison Tx 75001
[email protected]
We go the extra mile for you!

Guys I have worked all over from my garage to cartune to speederacing and now we have our own shop! It's in a great location just off midway by the small airport in addison. We can get almost anything right now from engines to zex to stillen to tien etc., and all at prices that will make you happy! We do all installs in house and at the best price in town!

Some of the guys on here know me and I've worked on their cars already with no problems so stop by and break the barrier!

Customers comments:

"The shop that installed these cams for me is MaxSpeed Performance, great shop that just opened up in addision off of midway rd.

they can definantly hook you up with a good price on installations and parts!"
Please PM me or email at the address in my signature if you have questions...
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