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Still tippin' on nissans, rapped in nissans
Still tippin' on nissans, rapped in nissans
Tippin' on nissans, rapped in nissans,
Tippin' on nissans, rapped in nissans,
Bitch, Now I'm back in nissans

what they do this is Dj Rath im the people's champ
my Tires light up like a lamp cuz now im back with the turbo
im probably similar to sultans 240 cuz im low to da earth
honda owners feelings get hurt when they figure out the power im worth
i got 14's pokin out at tha strip im burning out
ima playa aint no doubt honda boys wanna know what ima bout
biggest intercooler in my bumper, t28 turbo on manifold
stock interior all in my se-r, blow off valve screamin when i switch lanes
Switch the name lucino is the same
DNE or Derrick, he runnin the game and Bluebob and jeff about the maxs
James Vick he made me hott all worth to me to the top
sunny wrote a check and bought frontier(or sometime in the future heh)
i got the nissanforums going nuts but specvezy,7 and liuspeed got my back so now im holding my nuts
its rathtec baby what u know bout me im at waterview baby holla at me

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nissans im tippin, shift knobim grippin, catch me lane switchin with tha hazards on
turn your neck and yo missin me
me and sultan we aint trippin
im downshifting and orange soda sippin like Do Or Die im pimpin
car stoppin turbo keep spinnin
im flippin drops with invisible tops
ricers run when my bov sounds off
i'm shakin tha block with a 2.5 inch exhaust and stock stereo system
my gasoline always surpreme cuz if it aint my shit gunna blow
it takes a noob to be a noob[2x]
last round draft pick comin, who is dj rath comin
my pants fallin off, i need a belt[2x]
Im dj rath...who dj rath
the one and only you can't clone me
got alot of haters and alot homies
some friends and some not
back then hondas didn't want race me now hondas all on me[3x]
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