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P0400: Exhaust Gas Recirculation - Flow Malfunction

Disclaimer: First, if you're not mechanically incline, you might not want to do this. I am not responsible for broken, mis-use or personal injury as you follow these steps. This is, Do It Yourself at your own risk. So, be cautious of what your doing and do not work on the engine while the motor is hot

Tools: (Recommended)
1 1/16" open ended wrench
12mm open ended wrench and socket w/extension
Philips(+) screwdriver

Zip ties and 10mm socket
CNC Throttle Body cleaner

In the Haynes repair manual says, do not use solvent in the EGR valve as it will destroy the diaphram, which is located under the brass section of the valve. Here is a PDF of what it recommends to do, before replacing the EGR valve. I wouldnt recommend sucking or blowing in any hose. Im not your mom and I dont give a SH*T what you do :rolleyes:

Detail w/pics
Looking towards the firewall, from the front right of the engine, under the intake pipe. You can barely see the EGR valve. Just under the green coil looking thingy

This is a new one, and it gives you an idea of what your looking for

Removal of the intake piping and hoses. Loosen the clamps with a philips(+) screwdriver and pliers and pull the hoses off(Pic not shown). I completely took off the whole intake piping(not box), so it wouldnt get in my way. I also, zip tied a few wires/hoses as well.

After removing the intake. You should see the EGR valve

You will want to use your 1 1/16" open ended wrench(Green Circle), 12mm open ended wrench(Blue Circle) and 12mm socket(Red Circle). Remove all the nuts

Once you removed all the nuts. You will need to remove the hose that is attached to the silver pipe. This hose is the one that gets deteriorated and crumbles apart. Its the hose closes to the firewall.
The silver pipe will also have carbon build up cus the hole is super small. I used CNC Throttle body cleaner to get rid of the deposits. I used a small zip tie to break the carbon apart and kept squirting till I got a steady flow coming out the other end. This part is messy

I replaced mine with a thicker fuel line hose and I believe its a 1/4" hose. Air line hose is recommended.

This step is an option: I removed it with a 10mm socket to pry the metal pipe away from the EGR valve. This pipe does not budge and I didnt want to remove it completely as I was trying to skip steps :rolleyes:

Now you should have the EGR removed and inspecting it. I used a wire brush to remove most of the carbon inside it, and to clean up the mounting areas of the valve for a clean surface. Replace if necessary. Now your ready to install the old one, or a new one with a new gasket.
To install, just do it in reverse :cool:

Thats the basics. Sounds easy? It actually is. Just time consuming and a messy job at that.

GOOD LUCK and hope this helps anyone who is looking to do this for the 1st time

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Did you have trouble putting back the small metal hose (the one you labeled blue circle)? I unscrewed it off completely and not it will not screw back in. suggestions?
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