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The roller heculiner is okay, its around 100.00 at pep boys and where ever. If you have a paint dealer (automotive not Sherwin williams) some of them sell decent Poly bedliner kits. None will be tintable. When Rhino tints theirs colors they really screw up the compound (if you ever touch a regular Rhino and a color tinted one you will feel the difference) they have to put a UV coating to keep it from fading.

The DIY self kits usually come with an undercoat gun, and you will have seperate cans, you will have to pour the activator into the big can then mix. You have to spray the whole can, cant wait till later.

Sand your bed, good. Then go over it with denatured alcohol to get any excess crap off it. Mask off your whole truck, even the cheap stuff will get everywhere. You want to make sure there is no moisture on the bed, it will F up big time if you get it wet while you are spraying it.

Prep work makes all the difference, even a cheap kit can look good if prepped right.

(I have worked for a Rhino-Linings and Line-X dealer)
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