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I have a dilemma which I can't really lose at any way I go. Just wanted to see what you guys thought.

A few points about my current truck.

93' SE-V6 Ext Cab 4X4 automatic, sunroof, power windows/locks, about 300 miles away from 200,000. Payed $3500 for it 6 years ago when it had 145,000 (brother gave me a deal). Runs pretty good, needs new rotors (I just keep replacing the pads and it works for me), has small oil leak up front, pretty rusty underneath, front wheelwell liner and mudflap needs to be replaced & needs new tires. In the winter it stalls when really cold. I also want to purchase a camper top for it if I keep it. I totaled it 3 years ago on a deer and took the insurance money, fixed it and made $1000 because I left a little body damage and the AC unfixed. I use the 4x4 all the time in the deserts and mountains of Utah. I have taken it on two trips totaling 1500 miles in the past two weekends and it ran great. I also learned through research that a SE-V6 with the features I have seems to be pretty rare.

I have the option to buy a very clean 95' XE V6 Ext cab 4x4, manual, AC, no power windows/locks with 145,000 miles for $4500. One owner, less rust than mine, camper top, grill guard, ski/bike rack (don't really need because I have the bed). He has never replaced the clutch and says it has never needed it. I test drove and everything seemed great. I would sell my current truck for $2-3000. I would gain AC & a shell but would lose power wind/locks. Don't care much about the sunroof. Ambiguous about the automatic/manual decision. Also, it sounds like I may be able to get him down to $4000. Seller said never had issues with the cold.

Question. Should I buy this truck to gain 2 years, 55,000 miles (don't drive much, it will take me another 6 years to reach 200,000), a camper shell & possibly less to fix? I have noticed that there are Frontiers out there from 1999ish for a similar price with less miles. I love the HB because I know how well it has treated me but I don't know much about Frontiers. Seems weird that older HBs seem to be more expensive than newer Frontiers. Any thoughts?

Buy the 95', Buy a Frontier?, Keep mine and fix a few things?

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