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something i know alot of people want or dream of doing. dropping a det into their b14's. i have a 99 sentra se and i admit that i am one of the many individuals. thing is i really want to do it myself. i've never done an engine swap, but have learned alot about the engine itself over the past year or two and feel pretty confident to do so. still i know it would be alot easier if i had some preschool baby step instructions to guide me through it. :) so here is the basis of my question, does anyone know someone that documented the steps of the swap or even (yeah right) does any person or company actually make a manual/instruction set to do so? any help would be greatful, thanks!


I've only done one swap - and that was on a <gulp> hybrid Honda. But, armed with a Nissan FSM, I would be will to try anything on my car.

My two cents worth of advice about motor installations is: DO YOUR RESEARCH and LABEL EVERYTHING!!!!

I mean label every wire, connection, location of bolts, etc. This is not the time when you want to be more efficient than Nissan was the first time (i.e. having leftover parts). Check out, from there you can get to a ton of info and swap guides for putting a DET into the car.

Good luck...
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