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I'm in the same position... DYING FOR AN SE-R!!!

I drove my brother-in-laws and it was amazing. I loved nothing more than killing that stupid Civic Hatch that had a GIANT muffler... there's no way that was full exhaust. I could hear his car making feeble attempts to keep up with me. Then I let him get in front of me just so I could harrass him. I guess you can say I'm not fond of guys in Honda's that think they're fast. Just today I saw a 4door accord with the same "Knight w/ Lance" decal as the Supra from Fast and the Furious. What a dork.. he had that fake dual exhaust too.

But the minute I drove that SE-R... oh man what a ride. Now my little brother has an XE and my BMW 320i got him. But he was pretty new at driving a stick. He got me the other day off the line and I wasn't quite ready for him.

But I definitely say an SE-R will be worth it... I just have to find one around Seattle here... next to impossible.

BTW, does anyone know who ownes the Orange B13 Sentra that on autotrader? It's got a really clean bodykit and a killer paint job (Metallic Mandarin Pearl). Go to and put your zip as 98166, then just look for the 91-94 Sentras. You'll see it, they're asking $5200. Let me know if you guys know who's that is cuz its pretty sweet!
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