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i bought a 91 Sentra E brand new and started modding it w/ i/e, at the time i thought it was already peppy, then i started reading about the SE-R and had to have one so i sold the Sentra E to a co-worker when i finally found a used 91 Sentra SE-R. when i first drove it going home i was very amazed w/ all the power and handling, stock it is a totally different beast from the regular Sentra's, modifying it made me look forward to driving the car to and from work , unfortunately i crashed the 91 classic back in 99 on a Sunday.
The next day i was very lucky to find a 92 classic and purchased it on the spot.
I know i will be driving SE-R's for life, once you ride in one you will never let go.

92 Sentra SE-R Vail White
91 Sentra SE-R Vail White (sold to Cal Haskin and reborn in very good condition)
91 Sentra E Vail White (sold, whereabouts unknown)
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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