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When you're looking to buy... don't forget to run a carfax report! Saved my butt big time. There was a guy down in Florida selling a '93 with low miles on it. I test drove it, gears were good, but is was making a funny sound in the rear of the car. Was prepared to buy it right there, but decided to run the carfax report. The car had a Salvage/Junk Title. It had been totalled back in late '97 or early '98. This meant that the car probably had over $7500 worth of damage done to it. Doesn't mean the car wasn't ok, but you don't know who did the work and what the damage was. Why take the chance? And remember... if you are buying from the dealer, he has to tell you whether or not the Title in "clean". A private seller doesn't!

Motto of this story... run the carfax report. And happy hunting!
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