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I have a 1988 V6 MT Pathfinder. It's old, but it's a good car that's been remarkably reliable. Recently though I've had problems starting it and was hoping to get some help on this forum debugging what it is.

Over the period of a week (or so) of driving, the car began to have troubles turning over. These got worse until finally it wouldn't start. Turning the key doesn't turn the starter over at all. Dome lights and accessories work. You can hear the click from relays and the fuel pump when the key is turned. Battery gauge on dash reported under 12V, so we used a wall charger to charge it. Starting it again after fully charged made the starter turn over just a little bit. Repeated tries gave a diminished noise and then finally all you can hear from it is what I believe to be the magnets inside the starter engaging.

Volt meter on the battery says it's at 12+V now. The starter is under a year old, remanufactured from Nappa I believe.

Other issues of note:
Earlier this year I had problems disengaging the clutch. Reservoir was empty, so I filled it with break fluid and it has worked ever since. I first thought my current problem was related to this.
Vicious power steering leak. Instead of fixing I just elected to drive without power steering. Repeated attempts at fixing it means most everything near that system is coated with hydraulic fluid.
Car has ~230k miles on it.

I'm pretty sure the signs are pointing to a wiring or relay problem, though it wouldn't surprise me if it's something else.

I want to know how I can fix this at home. Where are the relays of importance in this situation, and how can I go about checking if they are working? Also, how do I check for electrical continuity in the circuit all the way to the starter?

Keeping in mind this is an older car, I'd rather not put much more money into it. Any fix costing over $250 will probably result in me buying a new car instead. I'm also not adverse to any sort of wiring "hacks" that might bypass systems. All I care about is a car that will get my from point A to B, and I'm okay if the solution is a quick fix or incomplete. Just trying to squeeze another year or two out of this thing.
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