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This is going to be a repost from a thread I started in the Nissan Versa Forums -- I figured the general Nissan Forums would probably get more views, and thus give me a higher chance of finding someone who could help.

Hey guys, so I drive a 2015 Versa Note S and recently replaced the stock instrument cluster (Type A) with a cluster from a 2017 Versa Note SR (Type B) -- and yes, I'm aware replacing clusters is just asking for problems lol but so far everything works flawlessly, the only two issues so far is that mileage is stored in the cluster (so it's displaying about a 7K mile difference) and now my interior dash lighting (head unit, A/C knobs and buttons, steering wheel buttons, etc) won't illuminate when I turn either my running lights or headlights on. The cluster itself remains lit (and I'm still able to adjust the brightness), no issues there, just the remaining lights in my cabin won't. Oh, and when I turn on my headlights the head unit display dims -- it remains on, however the orange light dims. So if anything turning on my headlights makes my cabin darker.

Does anyone know why this is, preferably in a more detailed response than "I'm just not supposed to put in that cluster?" I would love any help -- and even any work-arounds would be great, such as how to make the interior lighting turn on at engine start instead of having to turn on my headlights.

Again, thanks in advance to anyone with any advice or knowledge to share.
Also, if someone could somehow find a link to or an image of the wiring diagram for the instrument clusters that would be fantastic -- I have had zero luck trying to find anything.

Original Cluster / Dash Lighting:

New Cluster (Headlights Off):

New Cluster (Headlights On):
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