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Wassup,I"m from hawaii and this is my first time here...fren introduced me to the site.

I have a 85 Turbo CA18ET S12 200sx USDM model, I was looking around and looks like there is no board for this vehicle...hehe thats a ok tho!

How many owners here actually have this vehicle?

my other rydes include 02 Altima S and a 84 S12 (projek car), and I just currently sol me B14 sentra to my younger bro!

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YES! i own a 1986 200sx. i know nothing about it. but i love driving it. just recently wrecked it and have been waiting 4 weeks on repairs because of how rare it is. No one believes that its rear-wheel drive. i have 2 12'' Pyramid Subwoofers 1200 watts each and 2 1000 watt amps. i know more about stereo equipment then i do about my car. no yours is turbocharger and mine is not. i am thinking of turbocharging or maybe dropping in a new bigger engine. if can find any useful info let me know and vis versa. thanks
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