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Greetings Nissan Enthusiasts,

For the last many years, DNE (like many other car clubs) has changed, evolved, and some have even faded away unfortunately. Thanks to our strong supporters and member base we have stayed alive for about 7 years now!

For those of you that have been with us for any part of these past 7 years, you know that we've met in a number of different locations and hosted events for a number of different reasons (mod meets, dyno meets, lake meets, etc). Your DNE staff is working even harder this year to include many more of these types of meets in 2009 and get our member base back to bigger numbers!

With all that said, we are changing the meet location for this month to go back to the spot we have spent most of our time over these past 7 years. We will be meeting at TigerBulls which is now known as Coach's Burgers. The new owners have expanded the place and we now have a room in the back where we can be closed off and have a good view out to our cars while we dine.

Coach's is in Dallas at the intersection of Forest Ln and Abrams Rd and we will be meeting at 5:00pm. A map can be found here if needed.

So, let us know if you can make it and we'll add you to the list! Also, check out our Facebook group to see the DNE calendar for the remaining meets this year.

DNE Staff

Meet Signup List

Meet List
1] Darrick aka darrick (G35 Sedan)
2] Chris aka BlueBOB (G35 Coupe)
3] Gabriel aka LatinMax (5th gen Max)
4] Jarrod aka JNCoRacer (4th gen Max)
5] Kendrick aka Kencapel (5th gen Max)
6] Nick aka Nismo4Life07 (6th gen Max)
7] E aka LIUSPEED (95 Sentra)
8] Carlos aka Carlos (4th gen Max)
9] nyana107 (6th gen Max)
10] Warrel aka AllBlackMax (6th gen Max)
11] Jeff aka Jeff (CX7)
12] Sam aka elite (G37 Coupe)
13] Barry aka AEZ (Z31)
14] Aliiin (G37 Coupe)
15] DashKid (G37 Coupe)
16] Jackie aka minidragstrdrivr (BlueBOB's car)
17] Eric aka 82maxtx (1st Gen Datsun Maxima)
18] Dest556 (Altima Coupe)
19] Chris aka Sterling2000 (whatever he's driving now)
20] jdmaffeo (Z33)
21] Squeaky350 (Z33)
22] 97GoldGLE (4th gen Max)
23] Eric aka AllstarE4 (Z33)
24] Blair aka Heat (G37 Coupe)

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So you are only coming if you are sick?!?!?!?!?
THAT RIGHT IM GONNA GET YOU ALL SICK MUHAHAHAHA... jk... didnt really think about what i just typed.

Now that's a logical maze. LOL! I think Imma use that line one day.
sure that will be a $2.50 useage fee payable to me :D gotta make money off my unlogical typing somehow :D

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We'll be there unless we don't go.

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It's been a while!

It's been a while but I am back from the dark side! lol... I'll try to make it out to see the club again! :fluffy:

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hey, for those that post on other forums, post up in the meet thread on your forum. If there's isn't a post on your other forum(s) for this meet, PM or email me and I'll get it out.

Thanks for the love guys!

PS... and you, the lurker reading this... yea you... register and post! :D
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