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Hello everyone,

I'm looking to organize a group buy for all Nissan models in the Dallas Fort Worth area. This group buy will be for the purchase of new vehicles. I've done this many times before and am usually able to save an additional $1,200 below market price. Currently, I have one committed Nissan Leaf buyer, and potentially a Rogue buyer (he's still up in the air between Rogue and CRV, but if we get this group going it may certainly influence his decision!).

Here are the requirements to participate:
1. You must live in the Dallas Fort Worth area or be willing to purchase from a dealership here.
2. You must be ready to purchase in within the next 2 months.
3. Ideally, you will be purchasing a new vehicle. Used vehicles may also work, although there is more uncertainty.
4. We're looking for 3-4 more buyers.
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