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Da Tinus reportin' 4 duty

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Hello dear Slick Nissan Micks!

Reportin' 4 Duty i am ;-)
All the way down in Holland, you know; Amsterdam, windmills, wooden shoes and stuff :) I'm 26y old... Comin' from Holland English isn my native language, so excuse any typo's ;-)

And now you like; me the goods: well... Im the proud owner of a european version Nissan 100NX (I think you call it the NX1600). 90 HP Twin Cam and manual geared(!!) in a fresh red color. Because in Holland they don't know a thing about tuning, I've been lurking down the internet 2 c if there is more about Nissan 2 explore... I hope you Nissan Forum people can help me with facts&tips 4 tunin' up my NX.
My motto: Before it looks fast, it has to be fast! So I'm looking 4 that last extra horsepower comin' from under the hood...

Hopin' 2 be accepted by you all!!
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welcome to and enjoy your stay :)
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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