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D21 timing chain brain fart

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So here's what I did....
Project: timing chain install...
I had just began diving into this ordeal and basically I marked and removed distributor and took the 2 bolts out of the oil pump and dropped it a little, didn't take it all the way out, that's when I stopped cause I knew I had to do something first....put the damn thing Top Dead Center. So I shoved the oil pump back in and then the distributor. My question is beings how I didn't turn the motor yet everything should still be lined up?,in time If you will? am I correct? The reason I ask this is because my marks on the distributor are slightly off then from when I first marked them. Is it possible they are out of wack and everything is off? And if so what do I do to correct this retarded mistake? All advice/know how will be seriously appreciated. Thank you, cweklund
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Here's a procedure for setting up the distributor timing on a KA24E (SOHC) engine:
Remove the distributor and the oil pump. Now you need to find Top Dead Center (TDC) for the compression stroke in order to time the ignition distributor. To find TDC, remove #1 spark plug. Have someone tap the ignition switch start position to slowly crank the motor while you put you thumb over the spark plug hole. When you feel the compression, stop. Now look down at the timing pointer at the front pulley. It should be pointing to ZERO. If not, manually turn the engine by hand clockwise or counter-clockwise until it's pointing to ZERO.

The oil pump uses a shaft to turn the distributor. Insert this shaft onto the oil pump with the punch mark on the shaft lining up with the hole on the oil pump (below gear). Install pump/shaft to block. When installed the end of the shaft will look like a "D", when looking into the distributor hole while standing at the drivers side front wheel well. Actually, it (the "D") will be more of a "11:45 o'clock" position, NOT quite "12:00"; if not, then remove, and reinstall until the above position is obtained.

Now insert the distributor into the block. Wherever the rotor is pointing, that is the #1 plug wire location. You may have to rearrange the plug wires on the distributor cap. The KA engine firing order is: 1-3-4-2. This is at the distributor cap in a counter clockwise direction. You now are timed close to correct; you should be able to start the engine. Here's a picture:

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I've read many threads about timing chain jobs. The oil pump moves around when the distributor gear is out. It typically takes 2 people to reinstall the distributor: One underneath to get the distributor in and one up top to make sure the D-notch doesn't move from 11:45.

At least, that's what I've heard. Mine has the V6.
Ok guys thank you so much, I may be posting more as I go but we'll see, I'll also detail how it all went when I finish. Again...thanks
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