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Any one have any suggestions why the front seal on a transmission would blow out?

Actually the seal did not fail but rather was forced out of its seat in the pump casing -- the seal was attached to the torque converter when that was removed. The seal itself seems to be in good condition.

I am wondering what might have caused the seal to pop out. Hopefully it's just because the thing was parked for 5 years without being run follwed by being driven regularly 2-3 months.

I also found a slightly kinked transmisison cooler line - Now that I left the Service manual at the garage (and therefore the fluid diagram) , I wonder if the increase in back pressure could have caused it to blow the seal out of its seat? The cooler lines were still flowing.

Additional Information - The truck was being driven regularly for the three months since I had rescued it. My one stepson drove it to the store and back, and then parked it without any problem. An hour later I fired it up to take my other son to the train station, and pulled out in to the street; I happened to look in the mirror and I saw a big puddle in the road -- trans fluid. SO I parked the thing and took him in another car.
The truck has 135-140K on the clock and apparently has another 50-60K durign which time the speedometer was disconnected or malfunctioning. (it's family vehicle - brother in law(s) )

Cheer's Ken
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