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D1 Grand Prix Season Opener @ Irwindale Speedway, CA

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D1 Grand Prix 2005 Season Opener
February 27th Irwindale Speedway, California

After a successful year for the D1 Grand Prix in 2004, D1 is forecasting a heavy downpour of rubber and a thick layer of tire smoke in 2005. We kick off the 2005 D1 point series with the D1GP Round 1 in California! The public is suggested to stay indoors until February 27th when the stands should fill up and cars will be ready to battle.

February 26th will be a closed event where we hold a short Driver Search for the first portion of the day and a D1 qualifying round in the afternoon. As always we open the Driver Search to all hopefuls who want a chance to be D1 Eligible. All Eligible’s can participate in the qualifying round to become D1 Qualified, where 20 available spots will be filled to compete along side the 12 Qualified drivers from Japan for the big day on Sunday. The 26th is also a media day where photo sessions, interviews and a press conference will be held.

D1 Point Series Round 1 will be held on Sunday the 27th bringing our spectators an official point series experience. The top 32 drivers from the US and Japan will be competing for actual series points. Come watch the intense battles come to life when we narrow it down to the top 16 and start Tsuiso (tandem drifting). Watching two D1 machines in twin drift come around that Irwindale bank at 100mph is something only D1 can bring you. There will also be booths from your favorite import lifestyle companies, vendor booths, activities, and a halftime show for all our fans to check out.

This is going to be another successful event and we want you all to be a part of. We hope to see you all there in February. Yes… ONE MORE TIME!!!
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