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Custom Grilles

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Anyone know of a company that makes custom Mesh grilles for the B13 sentra? I have seen a few cars with them but cannot seem to find these anywhere. Input would be appreciated. Thanks
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That Tsuru conversion is the best thing going right now for the front end of our cars. My buddy just installed them and mine are coming as a christmas gift to myself. For mesh grills and stuff there is a guy on the that is making and selling them and a company called sells them also.

Brent Meints
I think it is the whole kit or nothing, but call Greg Vogel at and he can help you out with that. He may break up a set for you. The reason for the grille is that the headlights are more angled than stock so the stock grille will need modification to fit the Tsuru lights.

1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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