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200sx98fl said:
Well me and my wife just had a baby girl and i need to get rid of my car and get a 4dr car... No more car stuff for me. But i dont know how much to sale my car for. Its a 98 200sx SE/Man with 82000 miles. I had a car place offer me between 4-4500 if i bring it in stock. Yet i got all these goodies so i was thinking of selling it private. Which brings me to the question.....How much do you guys think is a reasonable price to sell my car. I have a link in my sig for pictures and what i got in it. Thanks ahead for any advice.
damn shame you have to sell that beauty.. if i were in tampa i would consider buying it.. with that mileage and the work done to the car you can easily sell it for $5000 - $6000 better to advertise it at $5999 negotiable (people's mind see this price and find it more pleasant than 6000 for some reason)... and work down to $5000, make them feel like theyre getting a once in a lifetime deal and it'll be hard to find one in the same condition... i wouldnt go under $5000 though.. check out and try their used car pricing guide... hope this helps
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