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For those with XE's, E's, etc. and don't have tachs...(what a ripoff!)...I was just wondering what type of cruise speeds ya'll do in each gear? I'll list mine if you list yours. And post your gas mileage! Sometimes I take each gear UP there and it seems that my gas mileage really isn't affected unless I do it every anyways, just post!

3rd - 30-35
4th - 35-45, sometimes I'll go to 5th going 45 if I'm on a long trip, but if I'm just going a mile or two, I'll just keep it in 4th
5th - 50+...

What about getting on the highway? Ya'll know that our lil 1.6 4-bangers are biatches getting on the Interstate!

3rd - Up to 55, to 4th sometimes, or sometimes I'll skip 4th.
4th - After 3rd to 4th, usually up to about 65 or so, then to 5th.
5th - Usually cruise on Interstate around 70 - 75 or so. Ya'll tell me how you do it!!
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