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hey, i have a b13 -92. se-r and it came with cruise control , and for awhile it hasnt been working but it DID at a time. and when i turn it on the CRUISE lite. lights up. but dosnt flash, i cant find any fuses. and the cable and everything is hoooked up and i see nothing wrong with the vacum line. anyone know where the fuse is or what Might be the prob. thanks!

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There's a whole chapter in the factory service manual dedicated to troubleshooting the cruise control. Send me an e-mail and I'll e-mail you the troubleshooting info.

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ahron said:
Hi, I just PMed you, can you please help me out?
My 1993 Sentra has the same problem he described.
I also get the cruise control light to come on but the vacuum hose appears to be ok and the bolt on the brake pedal is intact.
I haven't heard anything back yet.
Can anybody else offer some advice? I'd sure appreciate it.
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