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this is in refrence to my fathers sentra

he was driving with the cc on at about 60mph. he punched it to about 75 to pass a truck and the cruise stuck at 75. he tried to hit the brake and it didnt move. it was solid like a rock. tried to turn the cc off, but it wouldnt shut off. he had no other option but to turn off the ignition and roll to a stop. when he turned it back on, it reved to 4000 rpm. shut it back off, then back on. reved to 4000 rpm and he noticed a burning smell. back off again. he called AAA and while he was on the phone with them he heard a "thump" underneath the brake pedal. turned it back on and it was fine.
took it to the stealership and they "couldnt replicate the incident." then the nissan guy told him to take it to someone else for a second opinion. because they couldnt figure it out
what do you guys think?

he also noticed that when he is stopping there is a grinding feel to the rotors. kind of like a warped rotor feel.
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