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Hey guys, first time posting - hoping someone may be able to help. This is in regards to my 2005 Nissan Murano SL.

The issue that I am having is a bit strange. While I am driving, as long as I keep my car under about 65 MPH cruise control will work perfectly fine. As soon as I go above 65 MPH, Cruise control will no longer work for the remainder of my trip - even if I back it down below 65. The only way to resolve this is to turn my car off and back on again.

I noticed that this started happening when I got my Transmission replace back in November - it was replaced by professionals with a used transmission that I bought off of eBay. When they replaced my transmission, they gave it back to me and said that the speed sensor was bad, so I decided to replace it myself, but when I went to replace it, there was a washer on the magnetic end. I removed the washer, reinstalled the same one, and my car was working fine except for the cruise control. Yesterday I replaced the speed sensor with the new one that I had bought in hopes that it was actually an issue with the original speed sensor, but it didn't resolve the issue.

A few months ago, I replaced both of my Camshaft Position sensors, but that didn't resolve the issue (I replaced them to resolve another issue that was unrelated). I purchased additionally a new Crankshaft Position Sensor, but have yet to replace that. Wondering if that may be the solution?

Last bit of info that may help. My engine headers were leaking oil because the mechanics I took my car to to replace my spark plugs, ignition coils and headers failed completely to tighten down all of the bolts on the plastic headers, and even left my oil fill cap LOOSE in the engine bay without reconnecting it. Took care of the loose bolts yesterday, so my engine should no longer be leaking oil, but I do have an exhaust leak that leads to the codes P0420 (catalytic system efficiency below threshold bank 1), as well as P1273 and P1283 (Air/fuel sensor ratio). I can answer other questions about the state of my car, but I think that that is pretty much all of the potentially relevant info.
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