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ok I was driving back to orlando last night and I decided to use my cruise control on I-4. When I switched the cruise controlo on, the light would go on in the cluster but nothing would happen, the car would decellerate as if there were nothing puching the gas, then once it went down 10mph, the cruise control would floor it, then kick out and the light would turn off.

I can only assume this is what happened:
When I left my house, I decided to put the cruise control on (the switch by the light dimmer). As I was driving (with the computer active) I cought up to some Celica that wanted to race on the hi-way. So, of course, I accepted his challenge and during the race, I hit my speed limiter (109). Later on, when I hit I-4 I decided to hit the coast button on the steering wheel and then the cruise control started acting funny.

Do you think the cruise control's problem is due to the fast that I was traveling @ 109 for like 2 minutes straight :)D)? What else could it be? I stopped at a rest area and turned off the engine and it still acted funny afterwards.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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