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Did some searching but could not find anything.

Basically as im driving, sometimes my "set" light next to the cruise control will start blinking continuously until the car is turned off. Ive tried hitting cancel or even setting the cruise but none of that seems to work. Ive tried to get some kind of pattern to it but it seems to do it mostly in the mornings after the car has been sitting for a couple hours. And the cruise control obviously does not work.

I recently bought the car and the guy I bought it from said that the cruise control always worked until he got hit on the left side rear which I already knew about.

Now what im trying to find out is, does anyone know exactly how the cruise control system works? Or where I can find some kind of explanation, that way I can narrow down some options and maybe find some solution? All help is appreciated. Im thinking for now im just gonna remove the damn bulb as you can imagine how annoying a constant green flashing is, sometimes for hours on end when I drive back to school :fluffy:
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