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First of all, the person who said that the Lotus has a Toyota engine and that's all that matters has forgotten about the British-built Sterling which featured Honda/Acura drivlelines. Miserable cars to keep on the road. You NEVER see these cars on the road anymore but you will see the same vintage Acuras.

Lotus never had a great reputation for fit and finish. Reviews of the Esprit and Esprit turbo usually mentioned the great deal of rattles and squeaks in the space frame. :(

So, I remain skeptical of the brand.

As for bang-for-the-buck, I agree with those who've already chimed in. Other than ultra-rich people who have millions to burn (very rare) and people who have a good deal of money but a great deal of debt as well as they pursue the latest in luxury or bling-bling (they are just stupid - a friend of a friend recently bought a used Lamborghini Diablo :rolleyes: ) most people with money care what things cost ... that's how many of them amassed wealth to begin with.

I'd still take the S2000 ... with a Z or RX8 vying for second choice.
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