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Just snagged an 05 Titan, and i will be adding a hitch eventually. The one on Courtesy's website is listed as $211, but I did confirm it's special order.

Can anyone confirm whether or not DNE group members still get a 10% discount at Courtesy? I wasn't sure if the special order nixed the discount.

I guess I can call the dealers and see who is cheapest... (I bought it from McKinney, but they didn't mention a discount for their customers.)

I'm also lookin at installing a central lock system along with the remote starter I had in the Xterra. That way the drivers door lock is also the switch for the other doors, and the alarm controls it. (don't have to worry about mounting switches!)

It's a work truck, so I can't get too fancy... but it's a long arsed reach to the other door for my wife to roll windows or locks. :)

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