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Alright, a couple of the annoyances in my 96 200SX are as follows:

1) Dome light does not work. I checked the fuse and it looks good and replaced the bulb. If I open either door it doesn't matter same with all the different settings in switched by the actual dome light. What is wrong?

2) Passenger window won't work anymore. It used to work but now it won't move with using the driver side or passenger side window switch. Any ideas?

3) My front suspension is shot. Anyone want to sell me some new/used from struts?

4) Random other things like blower motor resistor which I know how to fix and haven't got to it yet and that the car pulls slightly to the left which an alignment would fix.

Any ideas on specifically 1-2? This car needs only last me 1-2 more months but I would like to have these easy things fixed for the next owner if possible. Thanks.

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