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When you drain your coolant there are air pockets in the cooling system. If you just fill you radiator up and put the cap on, you can have air bubbles trapped in the system and can possibly overheat. Air will sometimes be trapped where your thermostat is not allowing the thermostat to open. What you should do is fill up the coolant in the radiator and with the cap off, start the vehicle and let it idle till it warms up, opening the thermostat and letting the air out. You will usually know when the thermostat opens because the level will go down. Then top off the radiator with coolant and put the cap on.Some of the guys in the shop will just fill the radiator up and take it out on a test drive and kick it down a couple of times which will also "burp" it. You noticed the level decrease because it burped out the air after you drove it.

"Now you know, and knowing is half the battle."
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