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I am thinking, i know syndicate bro has the ability to make carbon fiber headlight eyebrows, etc etc...

I wonder if we can make like.. uhh upside down eyebrows.. and make our headlights look like a BMW's.. if you look at theres, it looks liek projectors, but there is no bottom extra.. its just like.. straight at top, and then it goes down, and has the 2 loops at the bottom for the lights.. kinda like.. it would have the 2 circles for our lights.. and 1/4 the way at the bottom, it would have the eybrow go straight across.. and then make the eyebrow go all the way across the corners too, so it looks uniform..

well, i'm doin it to mine.. so if no one understands me, when i do this, i will photograph, and explain :). lol
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