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I am wondering if it's possible to send CAN messages to the EPS motor in a 2014 Nissan Rouge that does not have ProPilot.

The goal would be to add Lane Keep Assist to an old Rouge that does not have ProPilot. It should be doable, except if the EPS ECU has a blocking mechanism for external control (i.e. other than by turning the wheel psychically).

If the answer is no we cannot, then how would I find the model number of an EPS ECU from a Rouge/Leaf would have LKA capability? I could then possibly find it on Ebay or a Junkyard, and then retro-fit it into my existing Rouge.


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In order for you to attempt to send messages on the CAN lines, first you would need a device that can connect physically to the transmit/receive CAN lines. Then you would have to determine what protocol is being used:
If it's one of the two above, then here's a typical IP packet: [Frame header]-[Frame Data]-[Frame-footer]
You have to know what type of data to put into the Headers and Footers.
However if it's proprietary protocol, then you'll have to contact Nissan Engineering to get that info.
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