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Hello Everyone!

I am considering buy a used 2015 or 2016 Nissan Rogue and wanted to get some honest owner reviews of the vehicle. I’ve done a lot of research so I know it has good JD Power ratings and gets 4 stars in crash testing ratings. I really enjoyed my test drive, a very smooth and comfortable ride.

What do you really love about the Rogue? Is there anything you absolutely hate? Have you had any major maintenance/reliability concerns? Do you regret your purchase at all?

I’m located in Edmonton, Alberta (Canada) so I'll be looking at the AWD model to help with winter driving.

Thank you!
We are on are second Rogue! The first one was a 2008 and it was great! My wife drove it over 100,000 miles with normal recommend maintenance. The only down side was many blind spots and hard on tires, about 40k per set. They do recommend a very expensive fluid change every 30k which we did. We then bought a new 2015 SL AWD same as 2008 same issues but one more. The dual climate control is awful for the passenger! It just stop heating and it's that way on all units per the dealer and they can not fix. She still likes it and it is great in the snow and pretty good on fuel.

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