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CompVR question...

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does any body know if the new 05 12" kicker compVR can hit hard or are they garbage???
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I know the name is good name and my friend had two older comvrs that sounded great.

Best best would be to look for reviews of the speakers.
i've always heard good things about the compvr. the ones i've heard sounded pretty good too. i don't know about the latest model though.
(lots of newbies in the audio latly :cheers: )

is it SQ or SPL your looking for? the audio guys normaly need that info to help give you an answer, from my understanding kicker is mostly an SPL company.
Chris90FB240sx said:
:thumbup: We all are newbies at one point :rolleyes:
vert true, it was just an observation. :cheers:
I learn by neing a noob lol I listen to people and watch people. Its how I learned all I know about cars and audio and electronics. :)
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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