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1995 - Nissan Pathfinder - XE-V6, Manual (4WD design, but no 4WD)


Had an accident during the recent (2021-Feb/Mar) ice storm here in ATX.
Slid across MoPac and busted up the front/rear passenger wheel components.

Namely, as the title says, I need to start with the Compression / Tension Rod (name, according to repair manuals).
Sheared it right in half.

I'm having trouble finding a replacement online.

I just want to be sure, before going with a Nissan dealer, that there is or is not a more reputable (or well priced) alternative elsewhere.
My local quote was about $105+ (per rod) from the dealer.

Also, any recommendations for the remaining components up for consideration:
- Strut / Shock Absorber
- Lower Link
- Upper Link
- Torsion Bar Spring

These items are all general components of the front suspension/steering, and it may require a complete rebuild (no problem, come what may).
I understand that there may be many more sub/supporting components necessary.


Front Passenger Wheel

Sheared Compression Rod

Rear View - XE-V6

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The tension rod, itself, you will likely have to source new from Nissan or used from a salvage yard. The tension rod bushings, the upper and lower control arms and shocks are all available at I would go with KYB or Bilstein for the shocks. For the torsion bars, you would have to go to a salvage yard for stock units (try or, if you want new bars, you'll have to go with heavy-duty units like those at
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