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Hello there pal,
I know these problems can be instantly down heart-ing, to say the least, but remember"everything is repairable". Any electrical problem should first be verified, which in your case it's obvious, you have no voltage entering a main power distribution source (junction box under the hood, or ignition switch probably.) So, you definatley need a multimeter. I'd check my battery voltage first, a fully charged battery is 12.6v. And check for a tight connection, it may seem simple, but it happens. Corrosion of any kind is unacceptable. Also, a damp or dirty battery case causes a bad voltage drain. I'm not sure, but your Pathy may have the fusible link installed on top of the Pos. terminal. Check that of course. Also check the ground cable, should be tightly bolted into the block or frame somewhere. Then move back to the junction box and check for +12v at the obvious places, pull fuses and relays marked items such as "ign. switch..etc". Gradually working your way back to the ignition switch, and lock cylinder assembly. Hope this helps.
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