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Hey all,

Well, over 2 years ago I started working on this damned B11, and it looks as though I may finally be dropping the motor next week!! The engine bay and front suspension are done (overhauling my cardomain site soon so everyone can see :thumbup: ).

Anyway, back when I was pulling everything out, I neglected to take good notes. Sooo...i'm kind of not sure exactly how some stuff goes back together. My Haynes manual doesn't focus on my model enough to do me much good. My main concern is the front motor mount and the coil wiring. However, any and all engine bay pics would be appreciated. I'm sure others could use them too. The pics need to be from a M/T 1986 B11 with a carburated E16 engine. It's a 2 door, but that shouldnt matter.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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