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I am new to the board and did do a search to see if this situation had been covered before. Since I did not find it, I am going to put it out here to see if anyone can help.

I recently purchased a 1994 Sentra XE for my son to drive. The other night he realized that whenever the headlights are on, the brake lights also come on and the cruise stops working. If the headlights are off, then the brake lights work normally and the cruise also works normally.

I believe that the combination turn signal/headlight switch is shorted and should be replaced. Just looking for confirmation on that as well as any cautions regarding the replacement. (Air bag deployment etc.)



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That sounds like a logical explanation. Something in the wiring probably shorted or crossed over. I've heard of a lot of faulty wiring nuisances (they're not huge problems) with Sentras in particular. Hopefully replacing the switch will solve your problem. Whatever you do, use a dealership as a last result. Try every yard imaginable or ebay before you go through a dealership. They will rape your for every last cent- When I bought my Honda a few years ago, the wiper switch was broke, and when I called the dealership, they wanted 178 bucks for the switch from Japan. I found the entire steering column (both switches, ignition, key, wheel, etc.) for 45 bucks at a yard 10 miles from my house.
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