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cold idle no idle

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ok. here is the problem. got a 93 sentra. originally with 1.6 now i got a det in there. When i try to start it in the morning it takes a couple of tries. Once it turns over I have to keep giving gas to bring it up. I also have to hold it steady 'till it warms up. If i try to drive it it bogs, misfires, jumps, bounces, break-dances and jitterbugs. A/f guage seems like it runs lean, but wait theres more. Once it warms up it drives fine. A/f guage is fair, sometimes a little rich but no biggie. And when warm it wont idle right (1200-2000). But it will have a ton of power. If i let it sit (2 or more hours) it will give me a hard time to start it up. Any body with an idea please reply. I usually would just try to fix it myself but this s**t got my blood pressure rising. :mad:
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Did you properly hook up the aav/aicv or whatever idle control you have. It does not sound like this circuit/section of your car is working properly.
Depending on car/year their are one or two solenoids on the intake manifold that control idle (for cold start and when you increase the load with the AC etc). I would bet that they are not working properly. You sound like you have done this a few times. Look in a chiltons/etc for the IAC-AAC, IACV-FICD in a FSM. Chiltons doesn't call it the IACV so it might be FSM time.
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