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Cold air intake on my pathfinder

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i am looking to buy a weapon-r secret weapon intake for my pathfinder but i have a few questions first.

1-would the air flow sensor go right in between the filter and tube or does it go away all togeather(if i need to get rid of it, would i need to do any extra work on the computer and such)
2-where would you reccommend i mount the ram-air hose

this is what im looking at
Weapon R secret intake system NISSAN 1996-00 PATHFINDER V6 304-118-101 :: Weapon R secret intake System :: AIR INTAKE SYSTEM :: Eracingzone
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I have a 97 pathy, installed a weapon r and it did sound different compared to the stock filter(better); however, dont expect that it would growl as loud as compared to the Honda's that have cold air intake. From the engine you start off with the rubber tube, then you put the metal tubing then another rubber tube. next you put the airflow sensor which connects to an adaptor(the adoptor bottom side will hit a metal framing, just get a dremel tool and grind that side that's hitting that metal frame, like a half moon shape). Connect the last rubber tube to that adaptor w/c will then connects to the air filter. Cut enough coil tube that came with the kit that will connect to the hole where the original filter box was fitted to. Connect another coil tubing from under(you have to remove the factory airbox found behind the front bumper) and lead it out under the area of the left turn signal light(you have to cut out a hole as big as th opening of the coil tube, finally you attach the velocity stack from outside to that tube.
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