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Cold air intake on my pathfinder

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i am looking to buy a weapon-r secret weapon intake for my pathfinder but i have a few questions first.

1-would the air flow sensor go right in between the filter and tube or does it go away all togeather(if i need to get rid of it, would i need to do any extra work on the computer and such)
2-where would you reccommend i mount the ram-air hose

this is what im looking at
Weapon R secret intake system NISSAN 1996-00 PATHFINDER V6 304-118-101 :: Weapon R secret intake System :: AIR INTAKE SYSTEM :: Eracingzone
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You will still see some gain in power mostly from the colder temperature of that air if you build a heat shield. I will just tell you what I plan on doing...I am going to purchase the weaponR intake with the ram air hose. I will build a heat shield for the intake from the engine bay. I will then run the hose down the hole from the stock intake until it sits flush with that hole. Then I will cut out the plastic under the turn signals on both sides for symmetry, place a black mesh type screen there and attach the tub behind that screen. The effect will be nothing around town, but on the highway where the 3.3 seriously lacks power it will be forcing a lot of nice cold air up into the intake. I will also find some way to plug that tube from the engine bay side in case I go off roading or am driving through some serious rain...
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Yes it is, but it is highly restrictive. And the air is also heated quite a bit with the stock intake. That is why allowing better and most importantly cooler airflow is necessary. Also, I will be removing the coolant line that flows through the TB so it doesnt heat that up
There shouldn't be a problem as long as you disconnect the battery throughout the installation.
x2... when i put one on my accord i didnt disconnect the battery and it threw a code so i took off the negative cable and reattached it 15 mins later to reset w/e needed to be reset and no more error code.
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