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dont go nuts yet and but an entire clutch kit ... wut were u doing when it happened? were u driving normally or pushing ur car? Have u popped the hood yet?
The same thing happened to me about a year ago, i was driving home from my friends house and suddenly my clutch just wouldnt come off of the floor. So I slowed down and the bastard stalled really hard but I was stopped @ least. My dad and I ended up towing to to AAMCO on the back of my parents minivan (an expiereience I could have lived without!).
long story short an 650 bucks later, a bracket holding the clutch cable snapped and was pulling down the clutch cable (so the clutch wouldnt come off the floor but wouldnt engage) and I had a snapped tranny fork. I would personally leave the tranny work to a professional but idk wut ur situation is, but the bracket would have been simple.
Check b4 u freak out, the bracket is simple to fix, the part is something like 5 bucks ... mayb 10
btw the way AAMCO diagnosed the broken fork if u wanted to know was they could push the clutch about 5 times b4 the pedal would stick to the floor
good luck
:cheers: -Pete-
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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