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El_Presidente said:
This is kinda a funny story, but just the other day, I had to stop cause I saw a 200sx se-r which appeared to be broken down on the side of the road. So I stopped to help. It was a 97, and I love the color, its the burnt orange.
Well anyways, it was this young girl and she said her clutch seemed to be messed up, the pedal would just go all the way to the floor, and you had to pull it back up. Well after a little bit of examination, the problem was that the clutch cable had become detached from the pedal, I think the bindings of the cable broke off or something. I tried to temp fix it, but there was just not enough room to work on that without taking the pedal off. So she called her dad and he came and towed it for her. So even though having a problem with your clutch seems like a major issue, I'm sure this particular problem wouldnt cost too much to fix.
your missing the real point to this story
was she hot :thumbup:
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