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7RIPP3R said:

the clutch cable had been replaced since it broke a couple of times i would guess due to stiffness. (happened before the car was passed onto me, this car was a handme down) I have not broken the cable yet.
*****I have seen this problem before, many times in fact. The reason your clutch pedal is really stiff, is because of the lack of lubrication between the throwout bearing and the machined collar it slides on. Also the throwout shaft bushings get dry too. That is also the reason that your clutch cable has needed replacement, twice! The cable was not designed to handle such severe pedal effort. Both of these ailments should be part of, and taken care of, during a routine clutch replacement. Proper cleaning and relubing of these parts with a high temp wheel bearing grease will solve your issues. Unfortunately, not all mechanics are thorough. I had the same stiff pedal in my B12 when I bought it. The previous owner said he had the clutch replaced recently. After I took the trans. back out, I found that he did have a new clutch, but the schlepp who put it in neglected to service the clutch release components. His laziness [or stupidity?] caused alot of extra work for me. You'll have to pull your trans out to fix your problem, and you might as well check the disc and pressure plate while you're in there. If your clutch is original, you might as well replace it then.
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