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Tein Group buy

Group buy
SE-R 02+ B15 SS 1250 1062.50
240SX 89-94 S13 HA 1150 977.50
240SX 89-94 S13 HE 1360 1156
240SX 89-94 S13 RA 1840 1564
240SX 89-94 S13 RE 2200 1870
240SX 89-94 S13 RS 2610 2218
240SX 89-94 S13 FLEX 1560 1326
240SX 95-98 S14 HA 1150 977.50
240SX 95-98 S14 HE 1380 1173
240SX 95-98 S14 RA 1860 1581
240SX 95-98 S14 RE 2180 1853
240SX 95-98 S14 RS 2580 2193
240SX 95-98 S14 FLEX 1560 1326
300ZX 90-96 Z32 HA 1090 926.50
300ZX 90-96 Z32 RA 1780 1513


240SX 89-94 S13 S.TECH 130 120
240SX 95-98 S14 S.TECH 140 130

Optional Parts
240SX 89-94 S13 Ft P/U 170 160
240SX 89-94 S13 Rr P/U 150 140
240SX 89-94 S13 EDFC 380 360
240SX 95-98 S14 Ft P/U 170 160
240SX 95-98 S14 Rr P/U 160 150
240SX 95-98 S14 EDFC 380 360
300ZX 90-96 Z32 Ft P/U 190 180
300ZX 90-96 Z32 Rr P/U 150 140

Any other applications, please ask.

Need a minimum of 10 purchases for the group buy to complete. Group buy will end one month from today on 10/19/02.

ILP Performance

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Some information from Tein on the above components.

SS "Super Street" Damper

Designed for the compeditive driver and american roads. compeditivly priced adjustable Coil over.

FLEX damper kit

Adjustable length by twin tube shell case.
Spcial setting for sporty driving and ride confort.
set your vehicle to meet all situations!

EDFC (Electronic Damping Force Controller)

makes it possible for the driver to control the damping force by controlling a motor installed in the shock absorber while being seated in the driver's seat. Since the damping force can be manually controlled with ease to meet different situations, the driver can enjoy variations in the suspension setting.

S - Tech Stylish spec lowering springs.

was made so that everyone can enjoy sports driving.
Based on original specification so that the installation is easy.
Full compliance with car inspection
Great styling. Plus funner to drive.
The highest quality all brought to you at great prices.

RA "Record Attempt"

Full out inverted strut and racing dampers

RE "special spec"

Ride height is adjustable without chaging the preload of the spring,which is a special feature of the full-length adjustable system with threads on the lower bracket.

RS "Racing SPEC"

a reserve oil tank for larger oil capasity. Compression and rebound damping force is adjustable separetely by an additional base valve on reserve oil tank. An inverted type is adapted on strut type suspensions for more horizontal stability.

For advanced circuit racing.
Compression and rebound damping force is adjustable separately(16 levels x 16 levels).

HE "super happy drift spec"
Amazing damper for drift (side way) drivers.

At last,TEIN has released a special damper for drift(side way). This high performance damper is reasonably priced and makes it possible to set, which attaches importance to drift(side way) control. Get it now!

HT (Autocross/Gymkanha spec)
The instrument for competing for 0.001 second.

HA (Driving pleasure Acelleration)

"A" stands for the acceleration of your driving pleasure.
The expansion / contraction function is built in
(16 level click attached) Type HA Damper
to make your imaginative driving come true.

any questions please contact [email protected]

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sorry I do have Tein SS dampers for the P11 Chassis car Comming soon. (hopefully by the end of the month)

I DO have euro made Lowering springs For the P11 also.
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