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sphighend said:
Greetings everyone.

I have an 86, non turbo 5 speed 2 seater 300zx.

I have made my way here after not being able to find an answer to my problem for about a year now. I had a clifford alarm (I dont know the model number, my apologies :( ) installed by a local shop and when I got it back the sexy female warning voice wasnt working, nooooo!!

I took it back to the shop and explained the problem and they insisted over and over that they didnt do anything to ruin it or cause it not to work. UUHHHHH HUH. Yeah, you spend 2 days adding an alarm and actuators (sp?) to the door locks to make the car keyless entry and all of a sudden another part of the electrical system doesnt work, and you tell me it wasn't from yalls? lol right :) (if I am wrong here please someone correct me, it just seems to make sence to me. :) )

So, I am curious to know if anyone can tell me anything about after market alarms and keyless entry systems causing problems with the warning lady.

Thanks everyone. :)

I hope to be on the forums a lot more as I am going to be putting an 88 engine into my 86 soon (threw a rod bearing in the 86 and i got the 88 for $107.00 so yeah, Im dropping it in!). The alarm will need to be reinstalled and I REALLY dont want to go back to that place to have it done if I dont need to. :)


Just to tag on, I'd also like to know the location of the fuses/electronics responsible for this. Mine disappeared after I had new fuel injectors/fpr installed, and I think either the fuse blew or the mechanic disconnected something. Diagrams/pics would be much appreciated.
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