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Cleaning Trany Filter

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Hi, I just joined ad apologize if this is in the wrong section but this one makes the most sense i guess. I have a 90 D21 and am replacing the auto tranny on it. For whatever reason i've ordered a few tranny filters and the wrong one always comes in. Is there a way to clean the old one out and just use it? The tranny from the junk yard specificaly called for a new filter but maybe thats just a general recommendation cause it looked alright to me. I'd rather just get a new one but its proving difficult. Thanks.

-Steve, 90 D21
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I did manage to find a new filter before i got the reply to this thread and the truck is all up and running. FYI for anyone that needs to find a new filter, for some reason the 90 filter for the 4cyl 2wd D21 is very slightly different, have one ready before you take the old one out. The 'new' transmission i bought from the wreckers said specifically to change the filter and gasket and i wasn't going to take any chances.
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